Weighing in the benefits of outsourcing



Quality Express has a diverse fleet of more than 56 vehicles including everything from motorbikes and cars to vans, utes, light trucks, prime movers and semi-trailers. We leverage from our offices in regional Queensland, Brisbane and Sydney and have vehicles available to suit most delivery needs.


We have identified two essential elements our customers seek when they outsource - our team and how we adapt to their culture. Since 2009, our team has been developed
to demonstrate these things in all we do. With operations across QLD and NSW, we adopt a best-fit approach to our clients’ needs, matching the in-depth knowledge of our team with the unique requirements of each client. This experience, along with our proven systems and training programs, is what makes Quality Express a true leader in the industry.


As every one of our customers place importance on different things, we seek first to understand then tailor and develop customised solutions to meet our customers’ needs, no matter their size or urgency. Our experienced team uses robust and resilient IT systems to deliver quality and reliability through a range of tailored solutions and off-the-shelf services.

Financial Stability

Over the years, Quality Express has demonstrated financial capacity to support daily operations and large projects for many clients, insulating them from competitor activity. Our approach is to work on smaller margins, which has helped us forge long term
operating relationships with many of our clients.

Our GPS tracking systems provide full visibility to our customer service team. We manage our fleet, not just with trail indicators but lead or live monitoring. This is achieved because we have built-in route optimisation, geofencing, live updates when outside a geo fence or when a vehicle has stopped, and real time POD’s.

Our Staff

All of our Quality Express staff:

Engagement of our people is paramount, which we measure through staff surveys and follow-up action planning.

24/7 Courier Service

If your business needs pickups

and deliveries after hours, no problem

Our courier fleet operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure

that your goods get delivered when and where you need them.