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We have developed new ways of operating to offer you faster, more efficient and healthier staffing solution.


Quality Express recognises that global competition has put operating inefficiencies at the forefront. In order to maximise the right number of people for the least amount of time and with the right skill set, our industrial division promises the fastest response time in the industry. Our one-call and quick response service allows your team to focus back on their jobs while you wait for us. We have a proven record of achieving client satisfaction, due to our client-dedicated service teams fulfilling our clients’ specific staffing requirements every time.


Quality Express offers driver recruitment and relief as an extension to our services. Since 2014, we have provided relief drivers to businesses in Queensland. We know that if you’re short a driver, you’ll need a replacement immediately. Our trained drivers will arrive on-site within an hour. This is why you can call us at any time, day or night. We will attend your site and scope your position and requirements as a part of our placement service. These fast and efficient services can guarantee that whenever you need us, we’re here, ready to handle even your most urgent deliveries.


Quality Express provides Certified Forklift Operators. These candidates have been tested online and in-house through our customised forklift testing program. Our staff will always reference check any candidates’ previous practical forklift experience upon our clients’ request. We will also verify any licenses and certifications that may be additionally required.


Quality Express’ office admin team consists of staffing consultants with a variety of staffing and administrative backgrounds. We will attend your site and scope your position as a part of our placement service. These well-rounded recruiters have an unparalleled ability to target and select top office admin talent for organisations of any size. We have filled positions at multilingual contact centres. Our office admin team delivers service excellence and a faster response time than any of our competition, guaranteed.


Hiring professionals goes a long way in saving you time, money and the hustle of managing your own deliveries.

We offer tailored solutions to assist you with any complex logistics problems which can arise in your industry, and maintain transparency by showing how our people work for your business.

24/7 Courier Service

If your business needs pickups

and deliveries after hours, no problem

Our courier fleet operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure

that your goods get delivered when and where you need them.